domingo, dezembro 19, 2010

The Perfect French Manicure

So I was really in the mood of making my nails, they looked pretty bad after a few weeks not doing them, so  I decided I was going to do a French manicure that my friend had shown me how to do.
It's real easy and the results are basically perfect!

Here is the picture of before: 

These are the nail polishes that I used, but any other brand is fine and you'll also need some tape:

First I took off the old nail polish, then I shaped them my nails and took of the cuticles: 

After that I cut a piece of tape and put it on my nail as far down as I wanted the French tip, then I put on the white nail polish and waited till it dried then took of the tape carefully:

 If there is some white where there shouldn't be then just get a toothpick with a little cotton around it and dip it in some nail polish remover then take off the excess white nail polish:

 After you have done all of your nails, then put a cot of clear nail polish on all of them, wait till they cry and your done! These are the results:

It makes a big difference when your nails are done, a lot of people asked me who had done it and I was proud to say that I did it myself, so have fun doing it, I hope you liked it and follow for more tutorials like this!

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  1. i tried and it get so perfect!! thanks :D

  2. Querida achei seu blog mara!! Vi ele todo e resolvi postar aqui, no último post que vi rsrsrs
    Sou blogueira tbm, do

    E achei seu trabalho ótimo, sucesso!

    Super beijos

    1. Muito obrigada flor, parabéns no blog, mt sucesso! bjos :)


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